About IML Katsurai Group

Our research group analyzes diverse creative activities, such as academic research and social media, and presents several information retrieval and recommendation methods to facilitate the creation and collaborations.

Research Summary

Multimedia Retrieval
Microblog Analysis
Linked Data
Topic Analysis
Network Analysis
Trend Mapping


Resources & Videos

SolutionTailor (2022)

Abstract We develop SolutionTailor, a novel system that recommends papers that provide diverse solutions for a specific research objective. The proposed system does not require any prior information from a user; it only requires the Read more…

TrendNets (2019)

Abstract Mapping the knowledge structure from word co-occurrences in a collection of academic papers has been widely used to provide insight into the topic evolution in an arbitrary research field. TrendNets is a novel visualization Read more…

Emoji Sentiment Lexicon (2017)

Abstract Emojis have been frequently used to express users’ sentiments, emotions, and feelings in text-based communication. We presented a simple and efficient method for automatically constructing an emoji sentiment lexicon with arbitrary sentiment categories. The Read more…

Image Sentiment Analysis (2016)

Abstract We propose a novel approach that exploits latent correlations among multiple views: visual and textual views, and a sentiment view constructed using SentiWordNet. In the proposed method, we find a latent embedding space in Read more…