The Life After Assignment

Tack of Our Laboratory

Deciding the Research Theme

We prior the theme which you wish. Feel free to discuss themes that are not investigated in our laboratory yet. Lets study together :) At present, the theme is set to be different in the same grade.

Way of Proceeding the Research

We individualy work on a series of research activities which are, survey on related researches, proposal, implementing, evaluation and plublication. Aim to become an expert on your research theme. We hope for interactions with other laboratory members, based on the knowledge and skills you have achieved in your research. We will consider external announcements (e.g. conferences and contribute to a journal), corresponding to your research outcome. We do not set core time but frequent contact is required. We use Slack or e-mail for contacting each other.


We regularly have seminars, from the end of April to the end of December. Your turn for presetation will come in about every three weeks. The presentor is required to creat a redume and presentation slide before the seminar. It is a place where anyone can ask questions or comment to the presentation.

Thesis for Bachelor and Master's Degree

The thesis is created as the compilation of the seminars. The thesis will be checked several times to achieve high quality. Students who plan to continue to grduate school, is targeting to present thier research outcome externally.


The planning of all events are relied to the students. Welcoming, thank-you, and celebration parties are hold. Students borrow the gymnasium to dissolve the lack of exercise. Apart from that, we perticipate research camps with other universities.

In the End

We continuously look for ways to keep our laboratory an enviornment that enhances students' intellectual curiosity and growth.
Lets make an interesting laboratory together :)