Assignment of laboratories on April 3: The number of faculty members will increase to two from the fiscal year 2020. We are tentatively dividing the new B4 into 8 (Katsurai) + 8 (newly appointed) members. For details, please contact Katsurai individually.


Our paper co-authored with Dr. Tanaka (Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology) has been accepted to IEEE/IEIEIE ICCE-Asia 2020.


Dr. Katsurai received the Signal Processing Society of Japan Award.


Our paper, co-authored with Dr. Nakayama (Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology) and Dr. Inoue (Osaka Univ.), has been accepted to IEEE ICC'20 Workshop.


My name is Mari Katsurai, Assistant Professor at Doshisha University. I operate the Intelligent Mechanism Laboratory. See my personal page for my background.

This is a scene of our laboratory seminar. We report our progress of the research and the results of the survey on related researches by slides. It is a place where everyone can easily speak or ask questions. In addition, study sessions on programming, statistics and machine learning are held irregularly.

We actively announce research results externally.
Papers will be presented in open access format.


Multimedia Retrieval

We add various tags to images and texts on the web to help retrieval.

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Microblog Analysis

We extract user's emotional expression from short texts such as tweets.

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Linked Data

We propose several method of linking IDs across databases.

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Researcher Topic Analysis

We model researchers' specialized topics based on their dissertation contents.

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Social Network Analysis

We analyze collaborative research patterns in research organizations.

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Trend Mapping

We automatically extract research topics from a collection of academic papers and visualize emerging trends.

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Our laboratory is actively promoting joint research and contract research. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested. Please see below for the contract scheme.

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If you would like to visit the laboratory, please contact us in advance by e-mail. Please feel free to contact us if you are thinking of going to graduate school. Please refer to the page below to learn about the life after assignment.

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